About us

Lilach Chemtob Law Firm

Lilach Chemtob Law Firm was established in 2012 by Lilach Chemtob, who returned to Israel, after a 10 year stay in New York, US. The Firm specializes in NY, US and Israeli law.

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The Firm focusses on transactions (real estate, mergers and acquisitions) in US and Israel, general counseling to businesses in NY and Israel (small, medium and large) including establishing the entities, US (federal and State), Israel and International tax planning, contracts, estate probate and administration and wills.

Our Firm acts as general counsel to US firms conducting business in the US, to foreign investors in the US, to global corporations having multi-national operations, to individuals – residents of Israel, or citizens of the US, with respect to their local, US and international operations, and their income and estate tax planning.

We are committed to provide a professional and courteous service, emphasizing the knowledge, availability and ethic rule by which we are bound.

Our Firm works in a strategic alliance with the Wender Law Group, PLLC, a NY law firm located in Manhattan, US and which provides administrative and professional support to our clients, as needed.

We have the knowledge and tools to maximize your profits and minimize your liability by utilizing creative legal solutions!!