Purchase and Sales

 Negotiation and drafting of purchase/sale agreements pertaining to commercial, retail and residential properties as well as undeveloped land; preparation of all related transfer documents; review of title work and resolution of title problems; and negotiation and preparation of documents pertaining to mortgages and financing of purchases.

Leasing Work

Representation of landlords, tenants and subtenants with respect to the negotiation and drafting of commercial, retail and residential short and long term leases as well as enforcement of leasing provision.


Representation of banks, mortgage companies, private lenders and borrowers with respect to loans secured by real estate.  Work performed includes negotiation and drafting of all requisite documents, including mortgages, loan agreements, and security agreements.

Real Estate Management.

 Representation of both real estate management companies and property owners with respect to management agreements, management duties and disputes between management companies and property owners.


Representation of real estate brokerage firms and property owners in the negotiation of brokerage agreements and representation of parties in brokerage disputes.