Domestic and Foreign assistance

in forming and structuring domestic and multinational business operations with emphasis on functionality, efficiency and tax advantageous treatment.

General Counsel Function

The Firm provides the full array of legal services required by a functioning business, including those arising on a day to day basis as well as those arising from unique circumstances and transactions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Evaluation and advice with respect to business, legal and tax considerations in structuring mergers and acquisitions, including negotiation of letters of intent, assistance with due diligence and drafting of merger and acquisition documents.

Agreements Between Business Entity Owners

The preparation of all forms of agreements between business entity owners including shareholder agreements, LLC operating agreements and partnership agreements.

Joint Venture Agreements

Negotiation and implementation of joint ventures, with full analysis of business, legal and tax considerations.

Business Finance

Representation of both the provider and recipient of financing, including negotiation and documentation of loans, venture capital and private placements. The Firm represents business borrowers in their negotiation of loans and lines of credit with banking institutions and represents both lenders and borrowers with respect to private loans.

Employment Issues

Representation of employers, employees and consultants, including negotiation and drafting of mid and high level management employment and consulting agreements; advising on employee rights; negotiation and preparation of confidentiality; and advice with respect to and preparation of documents implementing deferred and incentive compensation planning, including stock options. The Firm also assists its business clients in the preparation of employment manuals.

Intellectual Property

Assisting with reviewing and filing tradenames, trademarks, servicemarks and d/b/a’s.

Transactional Work

Preparation and drafting of all kinds of agreements, including, in addition to the types listed above, distribution agreements; agency agreements; supply agreements, sale agreements and all other business related agreements.

Pre-Litigation Alternatives

Wherever possible, the Firm seeks to avoid the expense and inconvenience associated with litigation and explores the pre-litigation alternatives that may achieve the client’s goals.  These include pre-litigation settlement discussions, various activities and steps intended to demonstrate to one’s adversary the weakness of the adversary’s position and the client’s resolve to move forward with litigation absent a resolution of the dispute, and mediation.